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Sword of Lancelot / The Adventures of Robin Hood / The Emerald Isle

Platform:  DVD MOVIE Publisher:  PC TREASURES Packaging:  RETAIL BOX Family Features - includes: 1 Movie 1 Classic TV episode 1 Cartoon.  Chivalrous knights and good hearted rogues come together in this exciting DVD collection. From the mischievous Robin Hood to the courageous Lancelot these thrilling exploits will transport you to a bygone era.Fully registered and enhanced digital masters. Runtime: 148 minutes.SWORD OF LANCELOT - Starring Cornel Wilde and Jean Wallace:Lancelot is the Kingdom's most valued knight. Though a paragon of courage and virtue Lancelot's heart belongs to Queen Guinevere wife of King Arthur. As the j tragic love triangle unfolds Lancelot must struggle with his feelings for Guinevere as he joins the Knights of the Round Table in a bloody campaign against brutal Saxon invaders.The Adventures of Robin Hood (Queen Eleanor):When Queen Eleanor arrives in Nottingham seeking aid for King Richard Robin must protect her from the devious sheriff.The Emerald Isle - CartoonSing along with this musical band of Leprechauns as they dance their way across Ireland!Specifications:Region 1 NTSC