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Lego Alpha Team

Lego Alpha Team

Plot your agents' moves to solve the covert missions. Ages: 8 & up. Command the team. Save the world! The fiendish Ogel is attempting to take over the planet and only you can foil him. Know your highly trained team members' individual skills so you can successfully plan, time and coordinate their moves to complete each perplexing challenge. Strategy and skill are required to deploy the wealth of gadgets at your disposal and avoid Zombie Workers and shark-infested waters. Have you got what it takes? Relax and plan in the Alpha Team HQ. Complete each mission while dodging Ogel's evil henchmen. Practice the basics with Tee Vee the robot. Hone your skills in the special Training Area. Use jump tiles, bombs, trampolines, seesaws and more. Complete over 40 exciting missions.
  • Take charge of the LEGO Alpha Team, a crew of secret agents, each with a superhero power and specialized gizmo.
  • Your mission: rescue 5 members of the Alpha Team who have been captured and are being held in Evil Ogel's compound.