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Chain Reaction Widescreen Edition AC-3 Laserdisc Movie Starring Keanu Reeves


This is Chain Reaction laserdisc movie starring Keanu Reeves, Morgan Freeman, Rachel Weisz, Fred Ward, Kevin Dunn and Brian Cox.

Keanu Reeves and three-time Oscar nominee Morgan Freeman ignite a high-tech firestorm of intrigue, conspiracy and murder in a film the L.A. Daily News cheers as "a taut, intelligent thriller with inventive non-stop action." 

After years of intensive effort, student intern Eddie Kasalivich and researchers Paul Shannon and Lily Sinclair succeed in creating a cheap, clean, limitless power source. But when they attempt to share their results with an energy-starved world, their entire research facility -- along with a dozen city blocks of downtown Chicago -- is vaporized in a cataclysmic, thermonuclear-strength detonation. Before the rubble has cooled, Eddie and Lily discover they're being framed for the disaster. And what begins as an attempt to clear their names quickly turns into a head-long cross-country race for survival when it becomes clear that someone wants them silenced. . .at any price. Fueled by roller-coaster action and stunning visual effects, CHAIN  REACTION is a masterful mix of unrelenting suspense and blockbuster cinematic thrills!

This is a Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment release on catalog #0413085 in 1996. This movie is rated PG-13 with a running time of approximately 106 minutes. It is closed captioned and has dolby digital AC-3 sound. 

The laser disc is in excellent condition. The outer cover has  edge, seam, ring, and corner wear on the outer jacket.

This is a laserdisc -- NOT A DVD -- requires a laserdisc player to watch. Here is a description of a laser disc: laser disc description.

It is in the extended play format which offers chapter search, scan, pause and dual-channel sound depending on the recorded contents.



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