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Best Boy Academy Award Winner 1980 Laserdisc Movie -- SEALED!!


Brand New!! Sealed!! The laser disc is in new condition!! The outer cover has light edge, seam, and corner wear on the outer jacket due to the shrinkwrap.

This is a laserdisc -- NOT A DVD -- requires a laserdisc player to watch. Here is a description of a laser disc: laser disc description.

This is a Lumivision production. This movie is not rated and has a running time of 105 minutes. It has been transferred and mastered digitally. It is in the extended play format which offers chapter search, scan, pause and dual-channel sound depending on the recorded contents.

Best Boy is an Academy Award Winner for Best Feature Documentary in 1980, a film by Ira Wohl. A story of tender love, overwhelming courage, and a strong belief in human dignity.

"My name is Ira Wohl. And this is my cousin Philly. Philly is 52 years old and he's been mentally retarded since birth. In 1938, when he was 12, he started to become self-destructive and his parents, not knowing how else to deal with it, sent him to live in an institution. They hoped he would learn discipline there and he did. But it was an unhappy experience for all of them. So, after two years, they brought him home and that's where he's been ever since. I suppose I'm as guilty as everyone else in the family of always taking Philly for granted. I remember them saying his mind stopped growing when he was five and I guess I always accepted that, but three years ago at a family gathering, I began to wonder what would happen to Philly when his parents were gone. So I spoke to his parents and his sister Frances about it. I told them I thought he needed to become more independent; and although this idea was very difficult for them to deal with, they realized that for Philly's sake, as well as their own peace of mind, something needed to be done. This film is a record of what they did and how it changed Philly's life."


  1. Opening
  2. Vacumming House
  3. Visit School
  4. Haircut
  5. Home Prep for School
  6. Enter Broadway Theatre
  7. Mom Visits School
  8. Snow Keeps Philly Home
  9. Max Prepares to Leave for Hospital
  10. Philly Gets Money to Buy Ice Cream
  11. Max Returns From Hospital
  12. Philly In Camp
  13. Philly is Told of Max's Death
  14. Ira Tells Pearl About Group Home
  15. Philly Moves Into Home

Ships right away upon receipt of cleared payment. 100% guaranteed!! LD Box 1

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