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Balance Of Power Laser Disc Movie SEALED -- Starring Billy Blanks & Mako


This is Balance Of Power laser disc movie. Starring Billy Blanks, Mako, James Lew, Denis Akiyama and Voyo. The scanned pictures are of the laser disc.

It is recorded by Amstel Entertainment #LD60407 in 1996. This movie is rated R. Running time is approximately 92 minutes and is closed captioned.

Martial arts action star, Billy Blanks stars as Niko, a peaceful karate instructor propelled into the bloody, underworld kick-boxing circuit by the murder of a close friend. The man untimately responsible is Hastishita, an Asian crime lord with a passion for gabling on the city's underground street fights. But, as the date of a multimillion dollar death match approaches, Hastishita's champion has run out of worthy opponents. If Niko can win a series of preliminary matches, he will be allowed into an ancient, subterranean arena. . .where he confronts his friend's killer face to face, fist to fist.

This laser disc is in the extended play format. In this format, it can offer: chapter search, scan, pause, and dual-channel sound, depending on the recorded contents.

This is a laser disc NOT a dvd!! It requires a laser disc player to watch. Please see the description here: laser disc description

The outer sleeve is in excellent condition with wear on all the outer edges, seams, corners and ring wear under the shrinkwrap.

If you have any further questions, please ask before you purchase this laserdisc. We will answer all questions to the best of our abilities.

Ships right away upon receipt of cleared payment. 100% guaranteed!! LD Box 2

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