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Amazing Stories Book Three Steven Speilberg Laser Disc SEALED!!


This is Amazing Stories Book Three As One Experience Ends. . .Another Adventure Begins. Explore the incredible in these three episodes from Amazing Stories, the popular series from executive producer Steven Spielberg.

  • Life on Death Row -- Patrick Swayze stars as a hardened criminal whose attitude is radically changed when he acquires the power. Starring Patrick Swayze, James T. Callahan, Kevin Hagen and Hector Elizondo.
  • The Amazing Falsworth -- Gregory Hines portrays a night club psychic who inadvertently uses his powers to identify a mass murderer. Starring Gregory Hines and Richard Masur.
  • No Day at the Beach -- Charlie Sheen stars in this tale about an outcase who miraculously saves the lives of his troop members. Starring Charlie Sheen, Lary Spinak, Ralph Seymour, Philip McKeon, Leo Geter and Tom Hodges.

 This is presented by MCA Universal Home Video on catalog #41098 in 1991. This movie is rated PG-13. The running time is 1 hour and 13 minutes.  

 The laser disc is in new condition!! The outer  cover has edge, seam, ring, and corner wear on the outer jacket. 

 This is a laserdisc -- NOT A DVD -- requires a laserdisc player to watch. Here is a description of a laser disc: laser disc description.

It is in the extended play format which offers chapter search, scan, pause and dual-channel sound depending on the recorded contents.

Ships right away upon receipt of cleared payment. 100% guaranteed!! LD Box 2


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