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Altered States Laserdisc Movie


This is Altered States laserdisc movie starring William Hurt, Blair Brown, Bob Balaban and Chales Haid.

Unlock the doorways of your mind -- if you dare! A man floats in total isolation. Weightless. Motionless. Cut off from all external stimuli. He might be a million miles in space -- but the space he's about to explore is an inner space, a secret landscape of the mind. And nothing you've ever seen will prepare you for what he finds there.

Altered States is the mysterious, terrifying, incredible tale of Dr. Eddie Jessup, a research scientist who believes that other states of consciousness are as real as the everyday reality we all experience. First using sensory deprivation equipment, then adding powerful hallucinogenic drugs, he begins to explore these altered states. His wife and colleagues fear that Eddie is going mad. If they only knew the truth, they might think madness was a blessing.

Working from Paddy Chayefsky's novel, director Ken Russell guides us with a sorcerer's sure hand through each magical stage of Eddie's mind-blowing journey. Altered States defies every convention, breaks all rules; it gyrates wildly through horror, fantasy, satire, farce and back to horror again without losing its balance, loosening its grip on our emotions or diluting its impact as superb entertainment.

This is presented by Warner Home Video catalog #11076LV  in 1980.  This movie is rated PG-13. The running time is 103 minutes.  

The laser disc is in very good condition!! The outer cover has edge, seam, ring, and corner wear on the outer jacket.

This is a laserdisc -- NOT A DVD -- requires a laserdisc player to watch. A laserdisc player holds a disc the size of a 12" vinyl record album and plays it -- please see picture.

It is in the extended play format which offers chapter search, scan, pause and dual-channel sound depending on the recorded contents.

Ships right away upon receipt of cleared payment. 100% guaranteed!!

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