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Alien Nation Laserdisc Movie


This is Alien Nation laserdisc movie starring James Caan, Mandy Patinkin, Terence Stamp, Kevyn Major Howard and Leslie Bevis.

Science fiction adventure meets police action-thriller in a super-charged story that is both strikingly futuristic and shockingly contemporary.

Set in Los Angeles in the near future, the movie begins three years after a malfunctioning space ship with 300,000 aliens from another planet aboard lands in the Mojave desert. The humanoid "newcomers," genetically engineered and bred for slavery, have now been released from quarantine.  But for many in this minority group, freedom leaves a bitter taste. Occupying the bottom rung of society, relegated to menial jobs, and living in squalor and poverty, many turn to crime.

For Matthew Sykes, a cynical, bigoted cop, the "newcomers" are a major occupational hazard at best. When his partner is gunned down by one of them, Sykes vows to avenge the death. But conventional police tactics are useless in penetrating the alien culture where the murderer lurks. The only way to find the killer is to team up with a "newcomer" -- Sam Francisco, the first extraterrestrial immigrant policeman to attain the rank of detective.

Soon, a search that begins as a vendetta against a race, propelled by a partnership built on hatred, plunges Sykes into a deadly conspiracy that reaches to the very highest levels of the "newcomer" community. Francisco, struggling to be accepted into human society, must break all the rules in order to control and conceal a deadly secret that threatens to destroy not only his own people, but the surrounding human population as well.

As the partners are swept along a terrifying trail of death and destruction, Sykes begins to learn a lesson in humanity from a being from another world. The question is, is he learning fast enough to save his own life?

Heart-stopping action sequences, incredible makeup wizardry, a gripping story with profound contemporary sociological implications, and an all star-cast combine to place "Alien Nation" among Hollywood's great action and sci-fi classics.

This is a 20th Century Fox Video release on catalog number 1585-80 in 1988. This movie is rated R with a running time of approximately 90 minutes. It is closed captioned.

The laser disc is in excellent condition. The outer cover has  edge, seam, ring, and corner wear on the outer jacket. 

This is a laserdisc -- NOT A DVD -- requires a laserdisc player to watch. A laserdisc player holds a disc the size of a 12" vinyl record album and plays it -- please see picture.

It is in the extended play format which offers chapter search, scan, pause and dual-channel sound depending on the recorded contents.

Ships right away upon receipt of cleared payment. 100% guaranteed!! LD Box 2

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